Courses / 11 February 2023

JCC Imaging Course - Prostate Cancer

 Viana do Castelo (PT) 11 February 2023


This course aims to provide an up-to-date insight regarding PIRADS 2.1 and the role of MRI on Prostate Cancer on staging, active surveillance and recurrence. After discussing adequate technical parameters for good image quality, normal and pathological features will be emphasized, as well as most common prostate cancer mimickers.

In the set of diagnosis, information will be provided regarding the main topics on prostate cancer histology (Gleason classification) and the role of of imaging-guided biopsy (MRI guided-in-bore biopsy). Regarding post-treatment recurrence, normal and pathological imaging features will be reviewed.

Interactive sessions with electronic voting, Q&A sessions and electronic posters from participants will be provided.


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