Digital Acquisition X-Ray - Hysterosalpingography

The simple x-ray allows the first approach for diagnosis of the bone and chest structures, as well as the simple abdominal to investigate situations of intestinal obstruction or lithiasis.

It is the ideal method, when in high resolution and low dose of radiation, to evaluate scoliotic attitudes of the spine in particular as a child, being for that obligatory the systematic use of means of radiation protection.


  • The patient should take Clamoxyl 1g (amoxicillin) (capsules) once every 8 hours starting on the day of the examination and prolong the treatment for 5 days.

  • The examination should be performed on the last day of the menstrual period, up to a maximum of 2 days after.

  • In case of allergy to penicillin, Clamoxil should be replaced by E.S.E - 1000ml.