Computed Axial Tomography - Virtual Colonoscopy

Computed Axial Tomography (CAT) - Dual Energy- 256 slices is a diagnostic technique that allows the evaluation of various parts of the human body, including the lungs, liver, pancreas, kidneys, heart, vascular structures and bone structures.

Our equipment is all multislice allowing high definition evaluation and low dose radiation including coronary study.



  • Go to our services to collect the necessary preparation for the exam; 
  • Buy a package of Citrafleet at the pharmacy in advance (no prescription needed);

  • On the eve of the exam day, at 8 am, drink the liquid preparation we provide you (shake the bottle well before drinking);

  • Mix a bottle of Citrafleet in a glass of water and drink it; then start drinking water, until you drink one liter;

  • During this day, you should have a diet without any residues (liquid diet: liquid yogurts, triturated soup, tea, etc.)

  • At 8 pm, drink the second bottle of Citrafleet, mixed in a glass of water; then drink another liter of water.

  • Please attend at the scheduled time. FASTING OF 4H IS REQUIRED BEFORE THE SCHEDULED TIME.