14 Abril 2023 / Notícias

Neurology HIFU MRg Unit Symposium

JCC Diagnostic Imaging & HOPCA Saúde & Hospital São Francisco do Porto

HIFU MRg Unit from HOPCA - Saúde & JCC Diagnostic Imaging is organising this symposium, where national and international speakers will present and discuss the clinical interest, indications and developments of High Intensity Focused Ultrasound guided by MR as a non surgical treatment of tremor in Essential Tremor (ET) and Tremor-dominant Parkinson patients (TDPD).

Target audience: Neurologists and Physicians interested in Movement Disorders.

To register please fulfil the formulary. 
We challenge you to discover with us a new direction for tremor control in patients with ET and TDPD.
After registration, you will be contacted by HIFU MRg Unit Symposium Organisation, confirming your registration.


E-mail: HifuMRgUnit.symposium@gmail.com